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Thursday, December 20, 2007


While surfing the net I came across a list of Starts that support B.O… I cant even begin to spell his name. Oh NO look what his initials spell……..hummm maybe I will learn how to spell his name… I dont want to call him that.
Anyway, I wonder if these people will really help him win. I think Hillary has tons of people behind her and I wonder if STAR POWEr really counts. I wonder if it really matters. I think people will vote for him or not because of what he stands for not becuase of who stand beside him..I kind of wish he would have waited until the next election. He is so new and I think people do not know what he is all about. We know all the others a full of crap, but him I just dont know. I know this ..he just aint no Jessse Jackson. When he ran..Blk people stood in line for hours to vote for him. I dont see that with this guy. I remember that was my first yr I could vote. I came home from New York just to vote. I stood in line over a hour to make my voice heard……well I guess no one else heard it cause he lost…
Chris Albrecht, HBO chairman
Big Kenny Alphin, recording artist
Marc Andreessen, Internet pioneer
Jennifer Aniston, actress
Rosanna Arquette, actress
Tyra Banks model, talk show host
Lawrence Bender, producer
Halle Berry, actress
Valerie Bertinelli, actress
Arthur Blank, Falcons owner
Judy Blume, author
Steven Bochco, producer, writer
Andy Borowitz, satirist, writer
Zach Braff, actor
Steve Brill, Court TV founder
Christie Brinkley, model
James L Brooks, producer, director
Jackson Browne, musician
Warren Buffett, billionaire
Mark Burnett, game show producer
Ken Burns, independent filmmaker
Peter Buttenwieser, political fundraiser
Kate Capshaw, actress
Michael Chabon, author
Jay Chandrasekhar, director, writer
Peter Chernin, News Corporation president
Richard A Clarke, security expert
George Clooney, actor
Cindy Crawford, model
Drew Curtis, founder
Jamie Lee Curtis, actress
Larry David, comedian, writer
Laurie David writer, activist
Barry Diller, media mogul
Paul Dooley, actor
Michael Douglas, actor, director
Michael Eisner, Disney CEO
Kenneth Feinberg, attorney
Tom Ford, fashion designer
Jodie Foster, actress
Jamie Foxx actor, comedian
Morgan Freeman, actor
David Geffen, Dreamworks co-founder
Jami Gertz, actress
Charles Gifford, Bank of America chairman
Cuba Gooding Jr., actor
Berry Gordy, record producer, entrepreneur
Lou Gossett Jr., actor
Brian Grazer, producer
Jasmine Guy, actress
Herbie Hancock, musician
Tom Hanks, actor
Tom Hayden, activist, author
Dennis Haysbert, actor
Christie Hefner, Playboy CEO
Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder
Cheryl Hines, actress
Bruce Hornsby, recording artist
Ron Howard, director, producer
Phil Jackson, NBA coach, player
Samuel Jackson, actor
Michael Jordan, basketball star
Vernon Jordan, Washington power broker
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks co-founder
Gayle King, editor, Oprah’s BFF
David Koepp, screenwriter
Cedric ‘the Entertainer’ Kyle, comedian
Christine Lahti, actress
Sherry Lansing, Paramount Studios CEO
Sharon Lawrence, actress
Norman Lear, television producer
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress
Seth MacFarlane, animator, screenwriter
Tobey Maguire, actor
Norman Mailer, author
Natalie Maines, recording artist
Barry Manilow, singer/songwriter
Stephon Marbury, pro basketball player
Branford Marsalis, musician
Greg Mathis, TV judge
Bette Midler, singer, actress
John Morgridge, Cisco chairman
Rob Morrow, actor
Alonzo Mourning, NBA star
Eddie Murphy, actor, comedian
Paul Newman, actor, philanthropist
Craig Newmark, founder
Leonard Nimoy, actor
Edward Norton, actor
Rosie O’Donnell, actress, comedian
Stan O’Neal, Merrill Lynch CEO
Adrian Pasdar, actor
Holly Robinson Peete, actress
Sidney Poitier, actor
Ellen Pompeo, actress
Maury Povich, talkshow host
Penny Pritzker, hotel heiress
Harold Ramis, director, actor
Phylicia Rashad, actress
Jerry Reinsdorf, Chicago White Sox owner
Paul Reiser, comedian, actor
Chris Rock, comedian, actor
Robert Rubin, US Treasury SecretaryEdward Rust, State Farm CEOSusan Sarandon, actress
Thomas Schlamme, producer, director
Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO
Terry Semel, Yahoo CEOBen Silverman, NBC Universal chairman
James Sinegal, Costco CEO
Tom Skerritt, actor
Emmitt Smith, pro football player
Jada Pinkett Smith, actress
Will Smith, actor, recording artist
George Soros, financier
Steven Spielberg, filmmaker
Leigh Steinberg, sports agent
Fisher Stevens, actor
Ben Stiller, actor
Oliver Stone, director
Christine Taylor, actress
Richard Thalheimer, The Sharper Image CEO
Heather Thomas, actress
Garry Trudeau, cartoonist
Denzel Washington, actor
Isaiah Washington, actor
John Wells, television producer
Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone CEO
Tom Werner, Boston Red Sox co-owner
Forest Whitaker, actor, director
Paula White, megachurch “life coach”
Bradley Whitford, actor
Gene Wilder, actor
Rita Wilson, actress
Oprah Winfrey, talk show host, actress
Joanne Woodward, actress
Jeffrey Wright, actor
Robert Wright, NBC Universal head
Andrew Young, civil rights activist
Edward Zander, Motorola chairman
George Zimmer, Men’s Wearhouse CEO


  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger PM said…

    I had to do a little thinking to figure out you meant Barack Obama! LOL!

    I like him a lot and would be happy with any of the leading dems in the White House (Obama, Clinton or Edwards) ut I do think when it comes down tio the general election he will face a lot more difficulty because of his inexperience. My ideal would be to have Clinton as pres and Obama as vp so that in eight years he would be ready to move right into the White House! LOL! I have the dems in power for the next 16 years in my little fantasy world ;-)))

    Love yuo girl,

  • At 10:23 PM, Blogger Umm Abdul Hakim said…

    Barack Obama is a zionist stooge. Hillary too. Vote Green. Cynthia McKinney lost her seat in Congress for standing up to the Israeli lobby. Have integrity or have nothing.

  • At 10:58 PM, Blogger Tru3Woman said…

    he's got my vote... although i'm no celebrity, lol.


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