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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Whats wrong with being Muslim

I LOVE OBAMA. I really do. I love the way he talks, the way he carries his self, I love just love the ora around him. BUT there is one thing I do not like. I do not like how the word Muslim seems to be a dirty word to him.
Yes, I know being a Muslim is not a popular thing and if he was Muslim he we would not even be having this conversation. I know and fully understand why he has to tell everyone he is Christian. BUT I DO NOT understand why he does not say. No, I am not Muslim but there is nothing wrong with the majority of Muslims. Why does he not say my fathers family is Muslim but I CHOOSE to be Muslim. Why doesn't he say there are good people that are Muslim and I feel sad that I have to deny 1/2 of who I am because of the climate of the country. I was born into a family that was similar. My moms side is Muslim and my dads side is Christian. I NEVER denied one or the other. I did have my moments where I didn't want to practice Islam, I didn't want to cover , but I never just ignored 1/2 of who I was. Now I know I am not a public figure but the point is we should not be ashamed of who we are.
Why doesn't one person in the media ask him how he feels about Muslims in general. I want to know what he thinks about Islam. Every day I make dua for him to win, but today I didn't. Today I thought ........whats wrong with being Muslim.


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