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Sunday, March 04, 2007



we talked yesterday and we decided that is would be better if she did not come here to live, at least for now. We decided that after he comes hee in April and stays his 72 days he will go back to Egypt And we will have our visits ever 30 days. That way it will be a bit more barable. I am happy for this. Although Idid want my husband here with me I REALLY did not want to live with a co-wife.
I am so looking forward to his visit now. My mind feels
free from much anxiety now. I was worring myself to death about all of this. Now i can think of some other things.
I will be going to an Arabic class starting Friday. This will make me feel alot better. I moved here hoping to learn Arabic but it is veryhard to do it. There are not may classes for women. Honestly, there are not many classes for anything. I had more oppertunities to learn Islam in the states.
I have to really say My talk with my husband went well. He said he finally sees that everything is not about him and his needs and what he does affects other people. He apoligises to me and my kids for everything he has done and the bad choices he made that hurt all of us.
They were so happy. They talked about things they can do to fix problem they are having and way they can become closer. This I feel is a good start if he can follow up on all of this when he gets here.
He really feels bad now for not thinking all this through. HE said he should have talked to me more and we should have planned this new marriage and not just him jummping into it like he did.
The fact is it is done. However, I kind of feel like she may get tired of the arrangement soon. I do not think she thought about what she was getting herself into marrying a man that was already married.
I do not think she thought she was going to have to share him
This is what happened last time and that is why the marriage did not work. For some reason they just think I will go
The first one was happy until it was my time. She had a fit and moved out of the house while he was with me. Then asked him why did he marry her if he was goign to stay with me. He asked her why she married him knowing he had another wife. I was like what did she think i was just a wife in name only i did not matter to him. i was like he got married to you because of one simple fact.......HELLO BECAUSE HE WANTED 2 WIVES!! they do not see that. I think they just see that they are getting a husband. Not that they have to share a husband. After the oh i am married wears off they see that he is not just married to another woman but he loves them and they are not going anywhere.
My husband get 3 hours on the net a day. Somethims we do not get that because of things we have to do. When he comes here he will get 10 hours to talk to her however he wants. during the week he cannot talk to her while I am home. On the weekend he can talk to her anytime he wants but it has to be the way I do it. In less it is important I do not talk to him after Ishaa. That is her time. I know it is after mahgrib but their mahgrib is my Ishaa so it is really Mahgrib for him. I hope she will do the same. Last time she was calling in the middle of the night and early in the morning. It drove me crazy. He said he will talk to her and make set times for them to talk.
I am thinking about spending some time in egypt this summer. My job gives us air fare back home for summer break. I do not want to go home so I may go there. I am also thinking of maye using the money to take a trip somewhere. I dont know any one have any ideas.........


  • At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Alhamdulillah sister....Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illah billah. See with patience and prayer and talking, Allaah made it easy for you. Allahu Akbar. Insha Allaah I will continue to make dua for you and your whole family...Make dua for your co wife that her marriage works out because for sure no one wants to be alone, or w/out a husband. And make dua that Allah brings you and your co wife's heart together loving one another fisibillah...for sure it would make things easy for you, yalls husband and your co and Allahu Ala Alim.

  • At 6:35 AM, Blogger Living as Saira said…

    I really admire your inner strength in accepting your situation. Patience is a woman's virtue and that you have. I hope things work out for you.Inshyallah



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