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Thursday, May 10, 2007

living overseas #1

I have been thinking about all my experiences in all the countries I have lived in so far, Egypt, Kuwait, and UAE. I moved over here to live in a Muslim country. I THOUGHT I would have a better chance at learning Isalm, Arabic, and haveing my children see and be proud of being Muslim. However after being here for some times I have changed my ideas.I still think it is better here than in the US for some things. I love hearing the Athan, I love not being the only covered woman in an area, I love that my kids have more Muslim friends, I love that most food I see is Halal.

However, I do not think I can learn MORE Islam here. Yes there are more Muslims here and Yes they have classes. But mose places are geared towars men. In the states there were way more things for women to do. In the Mosque I attended women could attend all classes. There was only one class for men only. Everything was pretty much equal. Here I dont see that. Here there are alot of places that do not have women section in them. One place in Egypt had a womans section but no place to make wudu. Whats up with that! Its like saying yeah you can come but .....Now I know many of you would say oh well it is better to stay home. Yeah but you have the option not to if you do not want to. I for one do not wan tto stay home. I did not move overseas to stay home. I came here to learn. The prophets wives went to the Mosque ALOT. They taught classes, lead prayers, helped in battles, these women were not staying home. They were an active part of the Muslim society. So the notion that women should just learn from their husbands or stay home is not feasable to me. One many husband s do not know Islam enough to teach anyone. Another thing many of them say they dont have time. So what are we to do, suffer? And lastly Learning Islam is required for ALL people. Not only men.

The thing that is really hard to deal with is theat learning Islam is here I am sorry to say some people mix alot of tradions in with Islam and they think it is one and the same. This is the scary part. Because many people that come overseas are reverts. Many of them come to seek knoweledge and get here and get messed up. So, Me personally I dont think learning is a selling point for me.

My kids go to Quran class everyday. I love this. In the states it was not everday. But I have found the behavior of alot of the children here is worse that int he states.My kids never came home with the stories they come home with now. Many of the children I see are being raised by the maids and nannies. They spend more time withthem than the parents. This makes these children spoiled and not well behaved. I will leave this subject alone because i could go on and on but I think I need to use Islamic wisdom here.

Egypt, I found to be the best place I have been for learning. I have heard Yemen is great but I have not been there. Egypt had many centers that taught Arabic, Quran, and Islamic topics. I even met many people that offered to teach my family for free. I have not found that anywhere else. The people in egypt while I found them to be a bit much when I compare them to the natives of the other countries I have been I will have to say they are more down to earth and more likable. I hated Egypt when I was there but now Allah has shown me that Egypt was not the worse place on earth.....

next why it is hard to live here.


  • At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i'd like to know more about your stay in egypt if you don't mind.

    what were the people in egypt like? you said they were a bit much. what did you mean?

    are there lots of religious people in general?

    is it easy for women to learn?

    are there things for kids to do? like how in the states there's sooo much for young kids to do.

  • At 5:23 AM, Blogger Jannah said…

    I agree with you here all the way LL&LI!
    Women should be an active part of the society, and they should learn Islam, just like everyone else.

    I live in Egypt, and I part time study at this Islamic institute, but it's behind my father's back, because he doesn't trust these institutes (as you said a mix of tradition & islam), but this one's different, very rational and openminded, and really teaches me what my deen is all about.

    I ask Allah to bless your children, may they memorize the whole Quraan & apply it all inshAllah.


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