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Monday, July 02, 2007

Not all men say bad thing

It is so sad to me that so many people seem to think that the only way this woman had any bad thought about my relationship with my husband had to come from him.

That is very sad.

To think women never have any bad ideas on thier own...
HUMMM... Wrong....
The fact is

As I said before he and I not having sex or not having a relationship did not come from my husband. SHe said to me almost word for word I thought you were over 150 kilo. You just looked so big on the computer. I, REPEAT IIIII thought he would never have sex with you BECAUSE you were so big. When she got here and saw I am not that big no where near that big She was suprised.

So the idea came from her head becaue of her thoughts.
she thought oh this woman is no threat to me. she is fat she is ugly and he definately does nto want to touch could he!!!!

She said to me AGAIN almost word for word. I didnt know you were so pretty. YOu never showed your hair or clothes on the computer YOu were always covered. I thought you were fat.

So this was her first smack with reality.
mind you she said this day one. I never thought anything by it because she looked different also. However I didnt have any mean feelings in my heart to begin with.......... that is the difference.

I am just large on the top...not my fault but that is just the way I am. SO NO he didnt give her that idea. NO he didnt tell her that. Yes, I know he could have said anything..however one thing I know is that her thoughts came from her own mind.........

Its sad to think that many of you dont think a man can tell a woman yes i am married and I love my wife.

Like i said before she always said she knew my husband loved me very much.
she knew this and she would ask me how I can help her make him love her more.... i would always say he loves you. you are very special to him and your relationship with him is different than have to find a way to make your own place in his have to be a good wife and love him.....if you do that you will make him happy.........

so please can we drop this I find it a bit sad

no he is not perfect

YEs he may have lied to her about some things because he can lie to keep peace
HE may have even lied to me. I have been married to him long enought to know he is no saint.
HOWever Her thougths Came from her OWN HEAD


  • At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Ashley said…

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    I have been reading, and at first I wasn't going to comment. But this is exactly why I stopped blogging. Everyone gets pissed off at you because you defend your husband. This is your life situation. You are experiencing it everyday. Isn't that painful enough? But no, you have to hear from people who say they're comments are well wishing, and that they care about you etc. But is they're life perfect? Is they're marriage perfect? Is they're husband the epitomy of perfection? You will never know. I don't want to make your life in polygyny ten times harder by coming here and criticizing you. Many women don't understand the type of relationship you and your husband have. And what you have said here about the nature of men, I truly understand it. I don't think it's an excuse for men at all. Most men just love women/ more than one woman in all shapes and forms. May Allah reward you for your patience, and grant you even more. Ameen.


  • At 10:46 AM, Blogger Wisdom Lover said…

    No Comments yet???

    Just goes to prove my point about your "my polygamous husband is not at fault" being against the flow.

    As for your co-wife, I really advise that you don't bother bringing her up here again. It's clear to me that she is a troubled child who probably needs therapy. The way her parents are treating her only reinforces this. She has some deep rooted self-esteem problems to deal with. And I'm guessing her I.Q. isn't making things any easier on her.

    But you're not her therapist and you're not related to her. Granted, your children and her children will be half-siblings, that's THEIR problem to deal with. They might turn out okay despite any bad relationship between their mothers. So don't let it worry you.

    You've done the best you could do. You've gone above and beyond what any cowife would ever think of doing. Give it a rest.

  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said…

    Wow she sounds really nice. I can not believe she was like OH I thought you were fat so he wouldn't sleep with you....that is crazy to me...even if I thought my cowife was fat(she is not at all, more like 90lbs) I so would not tell her that....I wouldn't tell my friends they were fat...


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